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In 2022, traveling feels more significant than ever. People are more enthusiastic but less spontaneous as they navigate new boundaries at every turn. Expect more careful, conscious travel in the coming year. From the surge of wellness resorts to the return of travel agents, these are the trends to watch.

Going green
Carefree? Try caring. Today’s travelers are conscious of their effect on the environment and community. They seek experiences that reflect their values. Look no further than Google, which now provides carbon emission estimates for flights. Expect people to explore more organic activities, like hiking and snorkeling. Small group excursions allow for safe, low-impact fun. 

Ecotourism isn’t just a buzzword. In 2022, sustainable tourism will fund conservation efforts from the Amazon rainforest to the Masai Mara plains.

“Slow travel” is an emerging trend for longer, more immersive trips. Unsatisfied with Instagram snapshots, many people are opting for genuine experiences. They’re interested in supporting local businesses and engaging with the culture at their destination.

Health matters
With the rise of self-care culture, travelers are taking a holistic approach to vacation. Around the world, specialized retreats promote mental and physical wellness for the modern globetrotter. 

Health and safety are on everyone’s mind in 2022. The majority of U.S. travelers support vaccine passports for international travel. People will continue to pay close attention to health protocols at every point of the travel process.

Help wanted
2022 will be the year of the travel agent. People are excited to catch flights again but overwhelmed at the new complexities of travel. Public health mandates vary wildly from one destination to the next. A 2022 vacation itinerary requires more research, and mainstream travel sites aren’t filling the gaps.

More and more people are turning to travel agencies for guidance. In an era of uncertainty, expertise is key. Agents offer a thoughtful and personal experience that gives travelers peace of mind. 

Business blues
The leisure travel market is soaring. But in the new year, business travel still struggles to take off. Many global workers are less than thrilled about returning to the travel grind in 2022. Some airlines are attempting to stoke enthusiasm with generous business class packages.