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Frank Chiaro


About Frank Lupel Chiaro

From Portland, Oregon, Frank Lupel Chiaro has an immense passion for our planet, travel, our environment, and for focusing on environmental sustainability. He loves exploring the globe, finding new beautiful things in nature, and ensuring that these same wonderful things will be here for generations to come. 

In particular, Frank is passionate about the ocean and the water aspects of environmental practices. Water is an essential key to life here on earth, and caring for our water resources must be paramount in our sustainability efforts. Frank gains a lot of pride and joy from learning about the planet we live on and the universe we call home. Inspired by publications like National Geographic and figures like Neil Degrasse Tyson, Frank feels that nature is our single greatest source of wonder and ingenuity in life. In high school, Frank was a member of the Lake Ecology Program at Shedd Aquarium. Here, he spent the summer at the aquarium, where they prepared for their upcoming research trip to the Apostle Islands. While on the islands, Frank and the team gathered information and data on the microbiomes of amphibians, which the team used to indicate the health of the ecosystem as a whole. Frank Lupel Chiaro was also a member of his high school Marine Biology Program, also at Shedd Aquarium, where he learned firsthand from biologists and ecologists about research methods and the wonders of tropical ecosystems. 

In life, Frank is a firm believer that our time here on this earth is an experience, one that we all experience through different lenses, depending on our personal life experiences and nurturing. With a great sense of the intertwined nature of existence and the way we all live, Frank Chiaro is a firm believer in mental health advocacy – especially for young men – and practices meditation and mindfulness himself. 

Alongside his travels, work, and studies, Frank Chiaro also enjoys sharing the love that he’s been given with his community in return through volunteer work and acts of service. For two years in high school, he was a part of the Meals at Home program, delivering pre-cooked meals to elderly and disabled residents in his community. Frank’s compassion has driven much of the work he’s done; he volunteered with the Evanston Animal Shelter for two years in high school, working with dogs and cats on care, exercise, and enrichment. 

Learn more about travel and the planet by visiting Frank Chiaro’s blog page, or visit his art site for more insight into Frank!

Frank Chiaro