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As winter approaches, the United States transforms into a wonderland of diverse landscapes and thrilling activities. Whether you seek powdery slopes, serene hot springs, or sun-drenched beaches, the country has it all. Here’s a guide to the best winter getaways in 2023, offering something for every type of traveler.

Dunton, Colorado:

For a relaxing winter escape, Dunton’s hot springs and wooden lodges offer a serene retreat. Dating back to 1885, the area’s mining history adds a touch of authenticity to the experience, making it an ideal spot to unwind.

Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada:

Lake Tahoe, nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, offers a mesmerizing winter scene with its frozen alpine lake surrounded by snow-covered pine trees. Boasting an average snowfall of 400 inches, it’s a top-notch ski destination. Beyond skiing, enjoy activities like ice skating, sleigh riding, and tubing.

Asheville, North Carolina:

Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, Asheville provides a captivating winter landscape. Drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, embark on bird watching tours, or enjoy a cozy bar hopping experience in the town.

Sedona, Arizona:

Escape bone-chilling temperatures in Sedona, where milder winters offer a unique desert landscape cloaked in snow. Hike through crimson rock formations, take a hot air balloon ride for a bird’s-eye view, and explore Tlaquepaque Village.

Minneapolis, Minnesota:

Minneapolis, often overlooked, comes alive with winter festivals like the Great Northern and the USA Pond Hockey Championships. The city’s culinary scene thrives in winter, offering tasty delicacies and hot dishes. Explore the hidden winter wonderland with activities like ice skating and snowmobiling.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming:

Jackson Hole’s picturesque setting, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, makes it a haven for winter sports enthusiasts. With an annual snowfall of 458 inches, it’s a paradise for snowy adventures and ecotourism, allowing you to witness impressive wildlife in untouched wilderness.

Vail, Colorado:

Surrounded by alpine slopes, Vail beckons with exciting ski adventures on Vail Mountain. The powdery trails also cater to snowmobiling and snow tubing enthusiasts. Stroll through Beever Creek Village’s classic wooden houses, illuminated with warm lights, and warm up with a cup of hot chocolate.

Kauai, Hawaii:

For a warm winter getaway, head to Kauai, Hawaii’s picturesque island with year-round sunshine. Enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, whale watching, and beach hopping, surrounded by jungle-clad mountains and brilliant blue oceans.

Salt Lake City, Utah:

Nestled in the Wasatch Range, Salt Lake City is a winter haven with storybook houses adorned in white snow. World-class skiing at Deer Valley Resort is a major draw, but if the outdoors isn’t your calling, the city offers diverse alternatives. Indulge in shopping, relax in hot tubs, or savor local cuisine.

New York City:

Experience the vibrant winter vibes of the Big Apple, from Rockefeller’s Christmas tree to open-air holiday markets like Bryant Park Market. Whether you prefer ice skating, cafe hopping, or holiday shopping, New York City offers a mix of indoor and outdoor winter delights.

Burlington, Vermont:

Embrace the freezing winter in Burlington, where European-styled buildings and twinkling lights create a charming atmosphere. Explore Church Street, a four-block pedestrian market, and indulge in the town’s hospitality. Venture out for ski trips to nearby resorts for added winter excitement.

Anna Maria Island, Florida:

Escape to Anna Maria Island for a sun-soaked winter retreat. With powdery beaches, palm-fringed shores, and laid-back beach vibes, it’s the perfect destination for beach hopping, swimming, and witnessing dazzling sunsets.