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In several ways, Canada unites with the United States. In addition to sharing borders, Niagara Falls and the Rockies extend themselves from Canada into the U.S., and Alaska pairs itself with the west coast of Canada in an interesting ocean cruise along the western edges of the two countries. The province of Alberta, which sits above the U.S. state of Montana, has an annual rodeo, exhibitions, and an intriguing festival every July in Calgary. Many cowboys from the U.S. participate in the Calgary Stampede along with Canadians. Interestingly, Canada has less than 37 million because much of the land is inhabitable. Only 12 percent of the land is habitable; 88% is only useful for its vast mineral resources or for the trees that grow on it. Nevertheless, there are many beautiful and interesting places to see in Canada.

Sand Dunes

A fascinating 1,900 square kilometer area that is not far from Saskatchewan seems an oddity as it features dramatic sand dunes that have crested. A short drive from Sceptre, Saskatchewan, these dunes were created by strong winds on this flat part of Canada.

Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

In contrast to the sand dunes, southern Saskatchewan contains flat farmland. In this area, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park contrasts with the northern part of the province, which is known for its thick forest, calm lakes, and prolific wildlife. The south, too, has some wildlife, but it is visited more for the enjoyment of its beauty. For instance, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park is a wooded wonderland of dazzling lakes, intriguing hiking trails, and Cypress Hills that offers shaded camping options.

Stanley Mission

Among the oldest communities in the province, the Stanley Mission is the oldest building that is standing in Saskatchewan. It is connected to the Anglican Church. 

Nistowiak Falls

These falls are famous and among the wildest in their province. The mist from these falls creates beautiful rainbows and the effect of a tropical forest where the misted foliage runs along the banks. Many are the rainbows created by the atmosphere, and there is the effect of a tropical forest with the well-watered foliage.