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In 2022, travel made a remarkable comeback. It was streamlined by the end of COVID requirements, the reopening of borders, and a surge in people traveling the world. With the worst of the pandemic over, it is helpful to now look forward to 2023. As more people plan their trips, there is an expectation the travel trends will be similar.

Increased Travel To Locations Without Mask Mandates Or Restrictions
After several years of dealing with the COVID situation, tourists are now willing to travel to places that have free and open travel. Some countries still have restrictions such as quarantine, mask mandates, and vaccination requirements. But, after many of these have been lifted, people are more likely to travel to destinations that they can visit without having to go through hoops.

Focus On All Inclusive Resorts Or Packages
In 2023, travelers no longer want to worry about flight cancellations, lockdowns, and general travel disarray. Instead, they prefer to book all-inclusive and package vacations, which eliminates the stress of planning a trip and allows experts to plan the entire experience.

Cruises Will Become Popular Again
Following the pandemic, cruising was one of the last major industries in the travel industry to recover. It is back in business now, and people are eager to book their trips as it is a stress-free alternative to vacationing. Several cruise lines are currently building new ships, and the US market is expected to see more growth.

Once you have decided on a cruise that you’re happy with, you can simply sit back and relax. There are no additional activities to plan, as all of the activities can be pre-booked.

Travel To Focus On Wellness
The rise of digital detox and other stress-free vacations has been attributed to the increasing number of people looking to improve their mental and health well-being. There are now various types of wellness retreats that are designed to help people reset and reinvigorate themselves. Some of these include art workshops, dance retreats, and empowerment events.

Long-Term Travel Trips
Companies are now opening up their doors to flexible work arrangements, which has led to an increase in the number of people traveling long-term. This lifestyle allows people to immerse themselves in a new country. Over 45 countries now have Digital Nomad Visas, making it easier than ever to travel internationally.