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It is hard not to look forward to spring after enduring cabin fever from long, cold winter days. The emerging season offers the warmth of the sun, longer days, and new growth in addition to the chance for more outdoor activities. There are many destinations throughout the United States worthy of a springtime visit. 

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park-California
The unique park encompasses 585,930 acres in the Colorado desert of southern California. The largest park in the state of California features hundreds of miles of roads, which includes 110 miles of hiking trails. One dozen wilderness areas thrive here and produce many different wildflowers, including the apricot mallow, the desert wool star, the pink-blooming cheese bush, and the wild heliotrope. Various types of cacti also boast an array of colorful blooms. Other vegetation types spread throughout the terrain include the creosote bush, the palo verde-cactus shrub, catclaws, smoke trees, and velvet mesquites. Fan palms are found in the natural oases along springs: the high-country features manzanitas, oak, and pine woodlands. 

Grand Teton National Park-Wyoming
The expansive location in northeastern Wyoming spans in excess of 300,000 acres among three different zones. Blooms begin emerging in May and include the Indian paintbrush, the larkspur, and the skyrocket gilia in the sagebrush valley. Calypso orchids, columbine, fireweed, and monkshood were displayed along with the forest floors. The elevated alpine zone plays host to the forget-me-nots, moss campion, and sky pilot. Various wildlife species also make an appearance after a long winter’s nap. Nearby Jackson Hole additionally offers a number of springtime activities. 

Pella, Iowa
The charming little community lies in the south-central region of the state. As Dutch immigrants in the mid-1800s founded the location, the atmosphere offers a touch of Holland. Beginning in May, the town boasts hundreds of thousands of colorful tulip blooms, which led to the annual Tulip Time festival. Massive gardens displaying blooms and windmills invite visitors to enjoy leisurely walks. Locals don traditional costumes and wooden shoes and entertain guests through dance and music. The aromas of savory and sweet authentic Dutch foods float through the air.